Dunadi built CV. SATIAJI MANDIRI (a.k.a Studio Satiaji) – after his son name, Ganes Satya Aji – in Krapyak Kulon, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Built in 1989, this company can be growth and known in general circles of society, even both of business colleagues in domestic and abroad. Because of his totality, his studio once had employed 500 people. It can be imagine how his studio is always busy with many kinds of creative works.

STUDIO SATIAJI is known as the famous name of CV. SATIAJI MANDIRI.

Most people know Satiaji as Studio Satiaji instead of CV. SATIAJI MANDIRI. It is closed to the real substance of this company i.e. a company which produces multiple artworks.


Studio Satiaji also expands its business by managing a new Gallery, Griya Aji and a Javanese building called Pendopo Sapto Aji.

Griya Aji is Dunadi’s personal gallery in which there are some of his masterpieces are showed. Besides, this gallery also has a function as a café and boutique. There are various Batik and accessories, also Javanese food and beverages.

Meanwhile, Pendopo Sapto Aji  is built uniquely. It is not only designed artistically, it is combined with modern room host to make comfortable homestay. In it’s growth, this building is going to be expanded into a residence with a shade of Java.

Griya Aji

Pendopo Sapto Aji